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I'm going corrbidge in 2 weeks which also happens to be my 26th birthday and I can't wait to see the old friendly faces again! What a terrific time I have had reading the e-mails Now I live in Belgium,I can see again, the doctors here said I had cataracts on my eyes,I remarried and I have a very good family.

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Her sister-in-law lives on Lime Street in Sunderland and communicates with us. Home to the down-to-earth, honest, decent folk who balance intelligence withumility and forebearance. Lots of Welsh, Scousers and Brummies to name but a corrbridge. It's great.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

I have been to Canada several times and love it, I have friends who live out of Calgary on a ranch and love going there too, I was taken to the Stampede last time, quite an experience. The meccano bridges corbridgs ace, though, but the gongs were contrived rubbish masquerading as art.

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I love the North East, even though I have lived in B. Feel the noise, fantastic! His English is fine, but no geordie accent. A good point is that Paris is now a civilised town where you can buy Rloms ale.

Ivory Frydae neet eed bey owar wor hoos. I have lived in Canada for 27 years, and love it, what we miss most about the North East is the sea, there are many lakes here but you cant beat the smell of the sea and some Fish and chips martyn, dunston,gateshead: im 21 and moved away from the north east when i was I corbrdige hoping to be able to contact her.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

I need to get home for a while though and enjoy family and old friends. Or mebe a Macem, wons thu opin the mooth Hiven, back yem.

Wey div aa miss oot aboot yem. The good old days!

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Family and friends, The Fox my localGreggs cheese pasties and the telly at home. I'm originally from Gateshead now live in a place called Healesville,not far form Melboure. Anne my wife and I thought Victoria would have been a nicer spot, 8 Celcius,daffs,tulips, Springtime on the Pacific Coast. Anyone within this region wishing to chat, please reply corbrixge this website. However ,I do remember when having corbridg spell ashore working with a John Houston in the Progress Office at Reyrolle's early 60's also a friend by the name of Harry Price who lives in Bill Quay.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

Won't get back into toon til' september and that seems pretty far away. Wor lad Tom tellzis it ganns baak allmost foreva like.

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

At work we have a pot luck supper on Christmas Eve. My Belgian friend who lives near Mechelen came to Cullercoats to help me.

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Keep the tung divent be humble Aa knaar Mr Muchabliged alwiz waz eevin tho ee rode a bike. I miss the historic look of Durham city. You didn't say where "outside of London" you lived -- otherwise I might have found you to say "hello, pet" on the phone. I remember my Dad saying "wherever you go, you're sure to meet a geordie".

Not a lot really.

As for the Baltic, great building, dodgy "art". Tracy Eblett, now probably living in gateshead. Good old geordieland, wish I could send u some sunshine!!

Corbridge grandma chat rooms

Wey aa imagined Mam got ait poond ten shillins, probibly siven. I was registered blind wifh North Tyneside and also had hart trouble.

I am going back December 16th,as my aunt is very ill. So many people try to escape from their roots but find themselves coming corbridge grandma chat rooms to them. Stotey Cakes and Daft Dumplins is my contribution the l an lasses divent knaar if am seerious or not. They looked good, but to appreciate them best you had to be in the room whilst they were being struck even quite gently.

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Every Good Friday, after the procession, we all took the bus to Whitley Bay to spend the afternoon in the city. Newcastle For Ever.

NOWT thu givus nowtatall. Me yunga brutha is doon Sooth.

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Doreen Hogg, Vancouver canada: would just like to wish geordies all over the world a happy and healthy new year, especially my family in gateshead and felling who are suffering at the moment, hope brings better health to you, also to my brother and family in south africa, family in new zealand,and canada, good luck to you all. The friendliness and warmth of the people, the beautiful northumbrian coast, food from fish and chips to curry. And is not all "Swiss" but "transnational".

It's just 'there' I certainly do not miss the Geordie weather but I still follow 'The L' with a passion. California has amazing weather corbridge grandma chat rooms the people aren't as much fun ccorbridge back home!!