I love words, and one of the great joys of maintaining this blog is getting to learn about, think about, and write about them. I find particular and perhaps meankng joy in learning the names of various wordy phenomena. Like most of these concepts, you are probably already familiar with reduplication. Reduplication refers to chick chat meaning formed through repetition of sounds.

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On television, the ultimate chick was Peggy Lipton in "The Mod Squad," with her long hair and go-go boots.

Most men, in this politically correct world, say the word would never cross their lips. Some women in their 20s hate the word, and some in their 40s love it.

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People who get worked up about it need to get a life and get some real issues to deal with. Reduplication refers to words formed through repetition of sounds. But others say it's a great word - a word with an edge and an outlaw feeling that babe and doll maening had. I got something recently that said female, and that even bothered me. The word first appeared in popular slang, says the "Oxford English Dictionary," in a magazine that described "beatniks and their chicks - palefaced girls wearing ponytails and toreador pants.

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I don't like language being meanung, and some of the gusto and expressivity being taken out of our slang and daily usage. Many are baby words: tum-tum, pee-pee, boo-boo. Babes and bimbos are a more derogatory, demeaning kind of thing. Some credit Hollywood with resurrecting the dead-and-buried chick.

It wasn't a hot-button issue. Exact: Baby words are often exact reduplications, but there others in common parlance.

Chick chat meaning

Being called ma'am really throws me off. Now maybe it's that women like to be equated more with men in terms of stature and mentality. Age seems to have no bearing. The things mezning have to deal with are not about semantics like that. Still, controversy will always surround a word that's survived so many chick chat meaning twists in the world of slang.

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Chick has a more playful connotation. Some are recent slang terms: bling-bling, hip hop, cray-cray.

I'd assume they weren't using it in a derogatory manner. It's old-fashioned, part of the old issues of days gone by.

The chicks

But when women use it with each other, it doesn't have that connotation. She got power only from standing in the shadow of a man. Like most of these concepts, you are probably already familiar with reduplication. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission.

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The doll's body is made of fabric and pleasant baby powder. Create a free Have a question?

Chick chat meaning

It's like girls. Other bits of hippie slang - like "stone fox" - may languish in the retro-chic ragbag.

The word seems fairly harmless to me. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders says she likes being called a chick. It's more chicj, more partyish, more lighthearted.

But chick is chic. Chick is most often used as an in-group word by women, a term of endearment or friendship.


Phrase Finder identifies three types of reduplications: exact, rhyming, and ablaut. But today, chick is stripped of that tired baggage: Just look at "Thelma and Louise," the saga of two '90s chicks on a bizarre road trip. I find particular and perhaps unusual joy in learning the names of various wordy phenomena. Perhaps it separates men from women cgick little more than some like to be separated.

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Examples include okey-dokey, film-flam, and pitter-patter. It's something in my vocabulary that I never thought about one way or the other. I would never use it anyway, and I certainly wouldn't get upset about someone referring to me or a group of women as chicks.