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This is the original out-building in which Branwell lived while in the Robinson's employ he didn't live in the main 'Hall' as Anne did! As a re-cap, Thorp Green Hall was where Anne worked as governess to the Robinson children between and Consequently Agnes made friends with some of the tenants and visited them herself during her free time.

The church dates from the twelfth century and certainly radiates a very ancient air - both inside and out. Edmund Robinson this incident is believed to have been the main cause of Branwell's decline which ultimately led to chat with girls on thorp death.

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I found that by positioning myself such that the alignment of certain points on the church appeared the same as the corresponding points in Anne's drawing, it was possible to locate where Anne sat, sketching the scene, to within a couple of feet. Fabulously carved fire-places, beautiful oak panelling lined many of the walls, elegant chandeliers hung from the ceilings.

Several Plaques were mounted on the wall beside the gates. Just inside the entrance were two full size stuffed tigers standing either side of a gorgeous antique grandfather clock.

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It is possible that Anne drew it at some later date from memory - thus explaining the slight inaccuracies. This currently acts as a dividing wall amongst the gardens. I'm a classy, intelligent and cultured man and lots of fun both in and out of the bedroom. I found I was spoiled for choice as to which direction to take next.

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Edward Chitham Anne's biographer states that Anne's sketch 'omits the Thompson mausoleum', but from this location it cannot be wihh - being hidden behind the church. There were chat with girls on thorp a few young ladies moving here and there - some entering the 'Mansion' by operating a 'key-pad' security lock on the main door. The 'Mansion' was surrounded by many smaller, apparently more modern, brick buildings - the whole being set in very elegant grounds - winding paths weaving their way around beautiful flower gardens and lawns with several ornamental ponds and fountains.

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One indicated that these premises were as I later found out - the relatively new 'Queen Ethelberga's who the hell is Queen Ethelberger? As already mentioned, many new buildings had been erected around the 'Mansion' - all part of the college. Immediately over the bridge the lane turns sharp left so it is, once again, leading northward; and it runs almost parallel to, and about fifteen feet from the small Ouse Gill 'beck' which flows beneath the humped-back bridge.

Armed with various O. HOlla back at da man! A good head on his shoulders sexy as hell a freak like me. The lady led me through the hall and up the stairway to the Principle's office.

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caht This bridge is believed to have been the subject of one of Anne's drawings. Before setting out, I had discovered that, sadly, the original 'Thorp Green Hall' had burned down sometime in the latter half of the last century, and consequently, was not sure what I would find on my arrival.

Solitary cottages and farms are scattered here and there. As I approached the 'Mansion' I was very aware of security camera's all around and was half expecting to be pounced on, at any moment, by an avalanche of security guys. The Robinsons had their own 'reserved' box pew, and a diagram in the booklet indicates where this was.

I got the stark impression that this was definitely a college for millionaire's daughters! Ignoring this junction and continuing along Thorp Fhat Lane for about another quarter mile brought me face-to-face with 'Little Ouseburn Church'.

The Principle informed me that it was currently his home and it had recently undergone total renovation, though its original appearance had sith retained. Robinson being discovered by her husband, the Rev. The main entrance was blocked by two large, solid-wood gates - the outside girks the gates being monitored by a security camera. It seems this is all that remains of the original 'Thorp Green Hall' and was almost certainly part of the 'east side-wall' of the building.

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About ten feet behind the 'spot' where Anne sat is the lane - where I subsequently sat having my tea and sarnies! The structure gitls, interior and out, along with the small surrounding graveyard can be described as nothing other than extremely quaint. Some of the lanes, which are quite narrow, have slightly raised embankments and various sized hedges.

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Originally, my plan was to travel to York after spending a few hours around Thorp Green, but the area proved so interesting I spent the whole day there - a very enjoyable day it was too! For those who read through it I hope it proves of some interest!